Developers Guidelines
Developers should provide games that respond to the following guidelines in order to guarantee
our users the best possible experience with our games. These practices will not only help us
improve the quality of gaming but also will allow us to comply with internet regulations such as
GDPR and COPPA, among other local laws, while enhancing the performance of the content
published under Azerion’s distribution platforms.
1. Outgoing links
a. Buttons, images, and texts sending users outside the game to other websites,
social media platforms, and app stores, or pushing downloadable content, are by
default not allowed, unless specific consent has been given under the terms of
the partnership.
b. Credits: Developers can use one
outgoing link per game to their website, but it
should be located only in the main screen at the beginning of the game, it should
never be misleading, and it should clearly imply that if clicked it will send the
users to another site
c. Misleading buttons:
i. Users should not be tricked with buttons that indicate an action and turn
into another to benefit the KPI’s of the game
2. Advertising:
a. Prerolls and midrolls: Implementation is mandatory for all the games
b. Rewarded videos: Statistics prove that rewarded videos are highly more
accepted by users thanks to their involvement in the decision process, making it
an effective tool for monetization. For this reason, at GD we will make it a strong
recommendation as of Jun 2020, if there are possibilities in the game format to
add rewarded videos, they should be in the game as a requirement. We highly
encourage developers to start preparing all new content accordingly.
3. Personal data:
a. Any collection of personal data through unconsented trackers is strictly prohibited
4. Titles:
a. Game names should be unique in order to avoid cannibalization and data
5. IP infringement:
a. All games provided by a developer should be unique. Clones, and/or misuse of
brands, characters, or any intellectual property infringement is not allowed
i. You must take all steps required to have the exclusive right to distribute your
games on our platform, including, the authority to receive notices of claimed
infringement and if necessary implementing a notice and takedown process.
ii. You must comply with local copyright laws and implement an appropriate
notice and takedown process for when you receive a notice of claimed
6. Profanity and violence:
A game should not have any sounds or images that are likely to frighten young children,
unless it’s specifically designed for older audiences. If that’s the case, only mild violence
in a comical or cartoonish context is allowed, never explicit. Use or references to alcohol,
drugs, or sex is not allowed. Developers should provide an age limit and PEGI rating
(see PEGI guidelines) and let us know if a game contains blood/violence.
7. Playability:
Play button should be visible. A user should be able to figure out the objective of the
game in an intuitive way
8. Engagement:
Content should engage users to play for a min of 2 minutes. Games with higher time on
site and retention rate will rank higher on our algorithms, warranting visibility and better
9. Integration requirements:
a. To have an adequate integration of the content in our GMS, we require the
developer to provide us with the following:
i. Graphic assets
ii. Optimal dimensions of the game
iii. Https: We only accept content that is https ready
iv. Technology Built: either HTML5 or Unity WebGL.
v. RIP Flash! We don’t distribute any new content on this technology
10. Mobile compatibility:
Developers should be strictly accurate when informing about the compatibility of the
game for mobile. If a game is indicated as mobile compatible it should be playable and
enjoyable in such devices. Content that is only suitable for desktop is also accepted and
11. Scalability: Games that are scalable adjust to different screen sizes, avoiding cuts or
malfunctions, reason why we advise to work only with scalable games.
i. → This is not a requirement but a recommendation
12. Key information:
In order to be able to elaborate engaging and highly SEO valuable descriptions, we
require the developer to provide us with a summary in English containing as much
information as possible about the game, including:
a. Developer info/story/tagline
b. Other popular titles developed by him/her
c. Backlinks
i. Official websites of the developer
ii. Social Media profiles of the developer
iii. App (App store or Play store) links of the game or the developer
iv. Game Wiki Pages
d. Keywords/genres that describe the game (SEO)
e. Key game features (if any)
f. Instructions about how to play the game