Design Guidelines
While the quality of the game you submit is important, players and publishers will see your
game’s thumbnail first. As a developer, it is therefore important to make your game stand out
and look appealing to the user first. To do so, their eyes need to be pulled towards an
eyecatcher. This image, or thumbnail, will be your business card for your game. Meaning, it
needs to be as perfect as the quality of the game itself. This will greatly increase the chances of
high gameplay rates and, as a result, higher revenue.
To publish your game on GameDistribution, you don’t have to be a designer or hire someone
who is, as we want to be as open as possible for all developers. However, we do have minimum
requirements in order to successfully have good quality and overall look and feel towards our
visitors, users and publishers.
Minimum Requirements
Minimum of 3 different sizes of thumbnails. Different designs per size are appreciated.
The following sizes are mandatory;
Optional sizes
Landscape promo sizes: 1280x550px and 1280x720px
Featerd Image: 900x450px
For promotional purposes
The thumbnails must:
Reflect the game
portray the important aspects from the game (what type of game, goal of the
game, etc.).
be art from the game(play) or custom designs.
The eye catcher must be of sharp quality (it’s the focus, so it should not be blurry).
Make sure the logo is clearly legible.
Make sure to highlight the most important aspect of the design.
To help you guide what kind of elements you could think of while designing, here are a few tips
and tricks.
In General
Try not to clutter your design or add too many elements
Using a good contrast and a variation of colors.